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Fifty-five Yemenis died during the course of three days. This happened over Easter weekend. Please keep in mind that Obama and his affiliates officially define “militant” as any male over the age of 18.

Contrary to what’s frequently reported by deliberately dishonest American press, the vast majority of those killed in these series of drone attacks (and during the entire course of drone war) are not dangerous or “terrorists”. They were civilians.





Racially based dating preferences are not made in a vacuum and I’m really tired of hearing that excuse

Because I have yet to hear an explanation about why someone doesn’t date a poc group that didn’t involve an extremely racist ass stereotype embedded in white supremacy and fetishism

Dating preferences are influenced by the white supremacist society we live in. When you are exposed to light, bright and white all your damn life, that shit is internalized.

You are definitely allowed to have preferences and fuck anyone who says you can’t. I don’t give a fuck WHY I may have certain preferences, but I do and that’s that. Some people prefer races outside of their own, some prefer people of their own race. Anyone who’s offended can go cry in a corner far far away from me.

i have a question for you


whose preference are you sis?



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Anonymous inquired The gif set of the Indian actress is Vyjayanthimala from Amrapali (1966)!!!! Ya know if you ever wanted to watch the movie

Woah thank you so much! I am gonna watch it!!! :))

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